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Laser Engraver
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Vibratory Tumblers
Hand Deburring & Polishing Tools
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Hand Deburring
and Polishing
  Hand deburring is often the only method that can be used in the completion of a job when tight tolerances or delicate parts are involved.

Laser Marking   Etching directly on metal parts with bar codes, logos and text.
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Abrasive Blasting   Manual blasting can be used to prepare surfaces for painting, blending irregularities, adding a cosmetic finish or removing contamination. We can blast with a variety of media and part sizes from 2" to 18".

Vibratory Tumbling   For mass deburring and finishing, vibratory tumbling will eliminate sharp edges and provide a consistent matte finish. We can handle part sizes from very small to 12" x 6" x 6" using plastic or ceramic media.

Tool Sharpening   Well sharpened tools eliminate waste and facilitates part finishing.

Reaming and
  Precision reaming or countersinking as needed. This process is often done in tandem with parts already contracted for hand deburring.

Miscellaneous   If you are need of a service we do not list, let us know, we are flexible.